The Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera Min. Hon. Clay Sweeting held the 2ND ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CHEER TRAIN today that consist of food gifts, children toys and lots of treats, prizes and surprisee for some sixteen (13) settlememts in the South.
The Clay Sweeting Christmas Cheer Train began in Savannah Sound, Bannerman Town in the south to Hatchet Bay and Palmetto point in Central and South Eleuthera.
The Island which is historically the home of The Eleutheran Adventurers and also called the Island Of Freedom was filled with excitement as each settlement was touched with the feeling of christmas by Clay Sweeting the representative. The Parliamentarian paid special attention to the Elderly and Shut-ins in the south like Deep Creek, WaterFord, Green Castle and Weymss Bight who were very much apart of the 300 food vouchers and other treats that brought much smiles to their faces for the christmas.
Clay Sweeting thanked all of those donors and helpers who made The Christmas Cheer Train for his the people in South Eleuthera a success and whis every one a very merry christmas.


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