Bahamas Christian Council President, Bishop Delton Fernander

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Christian Council President Bishop Delton Fernander says that Bahamians must take note of the recent spate of murders and seriously question the direction the country is headed, as he denounced what he described as the “scourge” of domestic violence, murder and rape griping the nation.

His comments came in the wake of another bloody weekend in the country, with three men being gunned down on Saturday, bringing the number of homicides recorded just in the past week to five.

“We are concerned about the recent uptick in murders taking place in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. We take notice and are particularly concerned about the number women that are being killed in the most recent murders that have taken place in our country,” said Fernander.

“More and more we need the love of Christ to be shared in our society. It’s a time of reflection and a time for turning to God, where we can call on his name. We have been taught as the church that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and as always the church will be engaging in the tools that God has given us,” he continued.



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