Ministry of Works and Family Island Affairs Central Services Supervisor, Alexander Curry recently spoke with ZNS News about the frequency of vandalism and other strange activities occurring at public cemeteries.

He said, “it’s is not very widespread but I think it’s widespread enough that it needs to be able to be put to a stop. We are in the process of trying to see if we can have that alleviated.”

Curry also detailed some of the things people do at the various gravesites. “We see persons sometimes bring in dead animals and they put them in the graveyard. Sometimes we see persons who actually affiliated with the grave diggers and what have you, they sometimes used to light fires. Well we put that to a stop. Sometime we see some persons come in the graveyard sleeping in the tombs and what have you, we see some very strange things.”

There seven public cemeteries on the island of New Providence. Curry spoke to how the ministry is ensuring security at the various sites. He said, “we are here everyday on the seven cemeteries. Some more occupied as it relates to the activities that others but this one here in Spikenard this is very active as it relates to the movements and the amount of funerals that happen here. It’s very active.”

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Family Island Affairs, the Hon. Bacchus Rolle assured that steps are being taken to secure the graveyards. “We hold sacred graveyards. We respect our dead. And so we understand the importance to the Bahamian people.”


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