A CARICOM meeting was held in Jamaica this week to discuss Haiti as unrest continues in that country. The latest development is the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry. A transitional presidential council is expected to be created to govern Haiti until a government can be elected.

CARICOM Chairman and President of Guyana, Irfaan Ali gave details on the role of the transitional council. He said, “The Transitional Presidential Council will swiftly select and appoint an interim Prime Minister. The Transitional Presidential Council will together with the interim Prime Minister appoint an inclusive council of Minister. The Transitional Presidential Council will hold the relevant and possible powers of the Haitian presidency during the transition period until an elected government is established.”

Ali expressed that Haitians deserve a country where children can go to school and their parents know they will be safe. “We commend the courage of Haitian stakeholders to commit to put Haiti back on a path towards democracy, stability and prosperity. With a framework in place that illuminates a path forward it is incumbent upon all Haitians to give the agreement a chance to work and we implore all parties, all stakeholders, all Haitian to be patient.”

Prime Minister Henry is currently held up in Puerto Rico due to continued unrest in Haiti.


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