Candidates contesting the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election gave their views on the advanced poll taken on Wednesday, a week ahead of the election.

Progressive Liberal Party standard bearer, Kingsley Smith said, “people who we would have canvassed, who we would have sent our message out to, people who would have said that they would support us, who’ll vote for me in this election and so its very encouraging to see that those persons, who are in the advanced poll, that they are coming out to vote. And once we get our numbers we are confident in victory.”

Bishop Ricardo Grant, candidate for the Free National Movement was flanked by supporters when he told ZNS News that he felt good about the process. “In light of the fact that we’ve been having inclement weather which has been forecast. From the polls have been opened we’ve been on the grounds and we’ve been working and also too, we also take into consideration the people that votes in these advanced polls. You’re talking about the senior citizens, those who are challenged, those who are traveling and certainly those who may be working the polls later on and we’ve put everything in place to make sure to facilitate them,” Grant said.

Leader of the Coalition of Independents and their candidate in the by-election, Lincoln Bain revealed that their supporters were instructed not to participate in the advanced poll. He said, “because the boxes are going be left with the police in police headquarters and the police are under the control of the government. And so we don’t trust the process. So we don’t want that so we told our people not to support.”

Independent candidates Terneille Burrows and Daquan Swain also made a showing at the advanced poll. Swain opined, “our plans align with the plans that the community has so that’s what I’m confident in. I know that we can execute the plans. It’s one thing to have a plan but its another thing to know how to execute that plan and actually practically make that plan happen. So what I am actually feeling right now is a good feeling.”

For her part, Burrows spoke well of the Administrator and Parliamentary Department employees and expressed confidence in her efforts. “I’m confident that I was able to do the best job possible that I could with limited resources.”

The bi-election to fill the West Grand Bahama and Bimini seat in the House Of Assembly will take place on Wednesday, November 22nd.


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