Strategic Property Holding, the owner of the British Colonial Hotel, wishes to express its grave concern regarding recent unfounded accusations made concerning the immigration status of our workers at the British Colonial Hotel. We denounce these slanderous allegations and are deeply shocked by such claims.

We unequivocally affirm that all our workers at the British Colonial Hotel operate under a Heads of Agreement for the British Colonial Renovation and we are in compliance with all applicable Bahamian law.

For over fifteen years, Strategic Property Holding and its affiliates have always been, and continue to be, a proud part of The Bahamas’ economic development, as demonstrated by our significant investments in projects such as The Pointe and the British Colonial. We created construction job opportunities for the local contractors and vendors during the British Colonial Renovation, and we commit to meeting the Government’s deadline to open the British Colonial Hotel this winter, despite these unwarranted distractions.

We anticipate the British Colonial Hotel will create another 300 permanent jobs for the people of the Bahamas. This is part of our continued commitment to creating job opportunities for Bahamians, to contributing positively to the social and economic fabric of the country, and to doing business legally and transparently.


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