“The World Famous Valley Boys” will now seek to backdate its registration of name to The Valley Boys after years of failing to register the group. 

Bahamas National understands that the legal representative for the new B Group will make a second attempt to backdate the registration of the 65-year-old group.

The New Group, led by Brian Adderley and legal team Campbell Cleare, will seek the Attorney General’s Office (through the Registrar Department) to grant them the name presently held and properly registered by members of the Valley Boys. This is a BIG BIG PROBLEM!

After years of failing to register The Valley Boys, Adderley group can only enter Bay Street as a B Group for the next two years. And seeing that this is the case, Adderley and Cleare is now headed back to the Registrar attempting to register The Valley Boys as its trade name, which is already taken by grass root members of the group.

Grass root members want FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS (One Man One VOTE) which was avoided by for years by Adderley.

The Valley Boys have not had any elections in 14 years where Adderley sat as Chairman for some 28 years!

 The World Famous Valley Boys leaders Cleare and Adderley want the name with the claim that they had attempted to reserve the name in the past. But here are the questions: 

Why, in all these years, the group could not report a General Meeting to the Registrar Office?

Why is there no audit of funds collected or presented to members all these many years to confirm an attempt to register the group?

And we at Bahamas National want to know why there was no election of officers by the group members? Why is the backline being held hostage when they want to voice their concerns?

Members are just in shock and awe of the fact that “The World Famous Valley Boys” was not even registered properly all these many years?

With all the so-called brilliance around the table – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

Brian Adderley and his attorney Campbell Cleare will now go back to the drawing board – but we ga warn them – THE VALLEY BOYS is already properly registered. The World Famous Valley Boys is a new B-Group on Bay Street!


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