BPSU President Kingsley Ferguson

So less than 100 persons in the Bahamas Public Service Union have agreed with its president at a meeting last evening to reject the Christmas holiday increase offered by the Government.

Now Bahamas National does not understand why hundreds of people would reject a deal by the government which would help them out in these times of austerity and inflation. 

The Davis Government has corrected years of wrongs done to public officers in just one year. The government has provided adjustments to staff, awarded permanent and pensionable secured income for many who were on contract, and placed on the table a deal that should have been approved. 

While money is on table, 100 members of the BPSU agreed that they don’t want it. Now we at BP always say people are like sheep; most of the time they don’t know what is in their best interest! This is a classic example of that!

Bahamas Public Services Union President Kingsley Ferguson doesn’t want workers to get their salary increases. The 100 workers attending the meeting don’t want the money that the Government of the Bahamas has finally agreed to GIVE THE PEOPLE.  These are INCREASES which have not been awarded to them in years. 


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