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BPL Partners With Island Grid


The government announced its plans to reform the country’s energy sector on Monday. The plan includes a partnership with Bahamian company Island Grid to modernize the electrical grid.

At a press event launching the new initiative, Minister of Transport and Energy, the Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis said the partnership will improve power reliability and reduce prices. “The partnership with Island Grid will extend the infrastructure capabilities beyond what BPL alone can do by bringing in a generation and T & D expert to pursue much needed upgrades.”

The Minister continued, “the T & D work is to improve reliability along several dimensions. The addition of a new switching station and a new transmission line and proper looping of the system, reconductoring work, substation protection upgrades and targeted distribution protection schemes and voltage regulation. These are foundational to the reliable operation of any T & D system and are currently in urgent need of attention.”

Consulting services will be provided by ECF Consulting. “ECF on behalf of the Bahamian people and the Government of The Bahamas will independently oversee all projects to completion, coordinating between the various stakeholders including contractors, suppliers and regulatory authorities,” Coleby-Davis said.



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