The Bahamas National Trust (BNT), the non-profit organization that manages the country’s national parks, is celebrating a double milestone this July with a special campaign: “National Parks, Bahamian Pride.” This initiative honours the 50th anniversary of The Bahamas’ Independence and the 64th anniversary of the BNT’s establishment.

Glinton Sweeting O’Brien Counsel & Attorneys-at-Law (GSO) donated $50,000 as a leading gift to officially launch the campaign. The tremendous donation will go directly towards the management and upkeep of national parks, and hopefully inspire other individuals and corporates to support the campaign as well.

“The same robust spirit of independence that led to the birth of our nation also drives our commitment to conserving our national parks,” said Lakeshia Anderson-Rolle, BNT Executive Director. “As we celebrate our country’s 50th anniversary, we also mark 64 years of tireless efforts to protect our natural heritage.” The “National Parks, Bahamian Pride” campaign aims to raise public awareness of the significant role
national parks play in preserving Bahamian culture, heritage, and traditions, and to raise funds to support their continued maintenance and preservation.

“Our national parks are living museums, preserving the rich history, vibrant heritage, and proud traditions that make us uniquely Bahamian,” Anderson-Rolle added. “Celebrating 50 years of Independence and 64 years of the BNT is a tribute to the spirit of the Bahamian people — free, resilient, and fiercely protective of our natural heritage.”

In addition to fundraising, the BNT will be offering free entry days to various national parks during national Bahamian holidays, starting with Whit Monday in August. This promotion offers Bahamians a chance to appreciate the beauty and diversity of The Bahamas’ natural environments by visiting their national parks.

The BNT invites all Bahamians and visitors to express their national pride by participating in the campaign, visiting their national parks, and donating towards their upkeep. By supporting the BNT’s work, individuals can contribute to the preservation of The Bahamas’ natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.


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