The Blood Bank at the Princess Margaret Hospital has been relocated to the former EMT building on First Terrace in Centreville.

A ceremony was held on Tuesday to mark the opening of the new location. Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville was in attendance and delivered remarks. He said, “I want you to know and all under the sound of my voice that the PHA (Public Hospitals Authority) and the Government of The Bahamas are looking to construct new state of the art facilities where our staff can be in comfortable environment with the proper equipment and interface with the Bahamian population to the best of their ability and they deserve better.”

Managing Director of the Public Hospitals Authority, Aubinette Rolle was also in attendance at the event. She spoke with reporters on the sidelines about the great need for the new facilities. “Based on infrastructural issues, we had issues in terms of mold in that particular area, so the quality of the air was not good for staff. And so we made a decision that we would move staff out, in the interim period while we seek to design a state of the art. We did a lot of upgrade to our analyzers providing that great technology that people need to be able to get the results. Not only that it removes persons from the environment from having to go to an acute hospital to be able to assist others. So we wanted to come to a space that’s more homely, they can relax and then they can donates their bloods,” Rolle said.


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