The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce that the Multihedge Idea Strategy Fund Limited has successfully completed the BISX Mutual Fund Listing Process and has been listed on the Exchange. As a result, this Fund has now been added to the roster of Funds listed on the Exchange.

The Fund is incorporated as an International Business Company under the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is licensed under the Investment Funds Act, 2019. BISX Chief Executive Officer, Keith Davies, commented: “BISX is pleased to add the Multihedge Idea Strategy Fund Limited to the roster of investment funds listed on the Exchange. We as always appreciate our partnership with Winterbotham that allows them to offer this service to their clients.

Over the remainder of this year, BISX will be meeting with stakeholders to remind them of the value proposition of our Mutual Fund Listing Facility. We have found it to be a value-added feature that companies in The Bahamas can use for their clients, and so we want to ensure that this value is communicated to the Bahamian Financial Services industry.”

The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited served as the BISX Sponsor Member that brought the Funds to the Exchange. The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited has been appointed to serve as the Administrator of this fund.


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