NASSAU| Bahamas National is following up on a hot juicy piece out of the Free National Movement which is fighting like cats and dogs in the public square these days as the question of leadership remains unsettled just two and a half years before a General Election.

We for months now have been telling FNMs that the state of the FNM party is in a shamble and with just months before a second General Election coming on another family island, the party’s defeat could be worse than West Grand Bahama and BIMINI!

Now, while the press was busy interviewing Richard Johnson at the last Executive Meeting of the FNM after he was beaten by an unknown attacker – who was armed with a gun – inside the meeting was even more drama.

We understand tempers flew high inside the meeting after a senior female member of the Executive began to engage the leader. That exchange turned near violent!

Sources tell us that was when Leader Pintard was not having it and began to pound the tables. Pintard’s response to the senior female member was so serious that his aide and another member of the executive had to quickly remove the leader from the room before something else happened. The leader had to be placed on timeout!

Pintard is not playing with the Minnis crew and has warned that he is prepared to deal with opposition voices to his leadership.

Meanwhile, Executive Members were left in shock by the reaction of Pintard. Was the leader having a meltdown? We do not know but we ga say this to some Executives: yinner better watch how yinner come for Michael Pintard or yinner ga regret it!

Also, we are told the cameras were not working when VICE CHAIRMAN Richard Johnson was piss-slapped outside the Party Headquarters. Yinner thinks Johnson was set up? Or was this a script?!


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