Minister of Labour and the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle gave an update on negotiations between hotel executives and the Bahama Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union (BHCAWU). 

Glover-Rolle said, “we hope to get a proposal from Atlantis that we will present to the Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union and we hope that the impasse will be broken, if not, we continue communicate, we continue to talk because most importantly is the employees. Either way we want to make sure that the employees are not in anyway disenfranchised so we have to keep the communication going.”

The Minister intervened in negotiations after members of the union staged a protest at the foot of the Sidney Poitier Bridge. President of the BHCAWU, Darren Woods also called on union members to work to rule. Glover-Rolle said, “in some instances its a matter of the way that it is determined, a matter is determined by one side as opposed to the other in terms of the understanding how this amelioration needs to happen. The hotel union is looking for a percentage to be added to, in particular, the tipped categories. The employer is feeling they have already done a portion of that, that’s not what the hotel union is accepting. So its just a matter of understanding that the formula that is used and applied is consistent with industry standards.”

The BHCAWU is seeking promised pay raises for its members. 


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