As the region continues to collaborate to analyze solutions towards food security and climate change, the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) is bringing together regional experts as it hosts the 34th West Indies Agricultural Economics Conference at Super Club Breezes from June 5 to June 9. 

Under the theme “Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Food Systems: Climate Change and Tourism Nexus”, the conference expects to bring together experts from The Bahamas, CARICOM, the United States, and Europe among others.

“This conclave is a clear indication that The Bahamas and the region are serious about finding ways to improve our food production,” said Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs Clay Sweeting.

“BAMSI is making clear strides towards the government’s goal for food security with many of its programmes and we are excited that they have decided to take it a step further by co-hosting this international conference to come up with strong ideas.”

Discussions throughout the week are geared towards challenges of communication and leadership in Caribbean Food Systems; opportunities for food systems in eco and agro-tourism; challenges for food nutrition and security; sustainability impacts of climate change on The Bahamas; school feeding programmes and agricultural development and exploring the economics of Caribbean food systems among others.

President of BAMSI Dr Erecia Hepburn said she is excited that the institute has the opportunity to co-host the conference during the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

“The cadre of professionals – faculty, researchers, scientist and students – will have the opportunity to network and collaborate globally with their peers,” Hepburn remarked. “The Bahamas is like every Small Island Developing State (SIDS) that has to showcase through strong research and policy because we need to thwart climate change. This conference is a start, linking researchers and politicians to come up with innovative ideas.”

The conference is being held under the patronage of the Caribbean Agro-Economic Society. Conferences over the years have attracted economists, sectorial planners, agrologists, teachers, agricultural economists and scientists from Africa, North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. 


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