Sen. Hon. Tyrel Young

Chairman of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) appeared at the weekly press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday where he gave an update on egg production.

Sen. Hon. Tyrel Young told reporters, “through the poultry program and this research center, our layer program we definitely are increasing the numbers of egg production. The market is increasing the production locally and we support farmers across The Bahamas in this venture.”

BAMSI is also set to produce omega 3 enriched eggs. “This is a niche market, by the way, that is untouched in The Bahamas. Omega 3 enriched eggs is a key nutrition in eggs today that you can barely find in the food store self. There’s a market in the hotel market. There’s a market in the local upscale market. Persons are looking for these products but we are just not producing these so we are doing a trial program on the omega 3 enriched eggs at BAMSI,” Young said.

The egg academy at BAMSI was officially opened in April 2023.


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