PM Philip Davis was energized by passionate young activists at the Bahamas Youth Climate Conference, urging urgent global emissions reduction.

The Office of the Prime Minister is hosting the Bahamas Youth Climate Conference this week at the University of The Bahamas. The two day event is being held under the theme ‘Driving Climate Action: A Golden Opportunity For Youth Empowerment’. There are over one hundred students from across the country attending the conference.

According to Prime Minister Davis, Youth voices hold immense weight as a catalyst for progress, and our administration’s goal is to propel them in the fight for climate justice.

Let’s all aim to make a difference, armed with knowledge, connections, and unwavering commitment.

Special Climate Change Advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister Rochelle Newbold said, “what we need is every member on the planet, every country on the planet to work in unity to address this cause that’s the only way we’re gonna be able to adjust to the issues and the changing environment. If the whole world stopped today we would still have residual impacts that we would have to adjust to in the years to come.”


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