As the governments of The Bahamas and China, along with stakeholders, rolled out the Bahamas/Huawei Cyber Security Boot Camp, the Hon. Keith Bell, Minister of Housing and Urban Renewal warned students enrolled in the initiative about the negative impacts of social media.

“When you put something out there you can’t take it back. I believe it is at camps like this we are able to teach our young people that, when you decide to put something out there, to know that it affects you and your confidentiality, impacts another, and [that there is] the need to sometimes take a step back,” he said.

Minister Bell addressed the opening ceremony of the Bahamas-Huawei Cyber Security Boot Camp, January 8, 2024 at Gary and Myrtle Youth Center, Evangelistic Temple, Collins Avenue.   

Among those present were the Hon. Jomo Campbell, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources; Her Excellency Dai Qingli, Chinese Ambassador to The Bahamas; Loretta Turner, Consultant, Small Business Development Center; managers of Urban Renewal centers, students, police officers and senior government officials.

Minister Bell told the students, who represented urban centers, that too often, “all around the world persons are taking on false identification, seeking to meet with our young people, and commit physical crimes.”

He commended the stakeholders, saying these types of partnerships/bonds like the collaboration of Huawei with Urban Renewal make the community united and strong — adding, the stakeholders look forward to the success of each young person in completing the beneficial boot camp. 

On behalf of Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis and Minister of State, the Hon. Lisa Rahming, he thanked all of the entities involved, stating: “You have an appreciative government for ensuring that something like this catches on.”

From: Bahamas Information Services


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