he Bahamas Motor Dealers Association (BMDA) president said yesterday that the industry was hopeful it would continue its upward trend following an “epic” first quarter, with sights set on the return of the BMDA’s auto show for the first time in four years later this fall. 

Ben Albury, The Bahamas Bus and Truck general manager told Eyewitness News, “Right now things are pretty good. January, February and March were epic. April was not as crazy as January, February or March but it was still a good month by all standards. This month is shaping up to be above average as well. The entire industry is up pretty drastically and it’s a trend we hope will continue.”

Albury noted that the industry is still facing lingering supply chain and inventory issues.

“We are still facing challenges with parts and with vehicles. I’m finding that it’s more the American product. The Japanese products we sell have definitely done much better in terms of availability.”

Albury explained that the challenges have led to the cancellation of Bahamas Bus and Truck’s Wrangler orders for the rest of the year, which is one of its top two vehicles in terms of sales. He did, however, express optimism over the BMDA’s Car Show, which is set to make its post-COVID return.

“The dates are set for October 20 and 21. It’s something we haven’t had for a few years and it’s something that’s been very important for the industry. We are looking forward to this hopefully being one of our biggest shows ever. We’re hoping to bring this one out with a bang.”



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