Nassau, Bahamas – (June 1, 2023) – Last Thursday, ALIV, the three-time winner of the Ookla® award for the fastest Mobile Network, unveiled its highly anticipated “Don’t Let Go” campaign, serving as a reminder to customers to hold onto the fastest and most reliable network in The Bahamas. The campaign emphasized the importance of embracing innovation, technology, rewards, and loyalty.

Aliv kicked off the campaign by introducing a range of exciting summer deals that will transform the customer experience of connectivity. From irresistible mobile plans to cutting-edge smart home devices and innovative smart security solutions, Aliv is determined to provide an exceptional customer experience like never before.

To spread the message far and wide, Aliv took over media houses and social media platforms, sharing the captivating “Don’t Let Go” campaign. “This campaign represents Aliv’s unwavering dedication to our customers,” stated John Gomez, Chief Aliv Officer. “We believe in providing them with the best technology, unmatched rewards, and exceptional loyalty programs. With our ‘Don’t Let Go’ campaign, we remind our customers to stay connected, embrace innovation, and experience the countless possibilities that Aliv has brought over the past seven years.”

As part of this extraordinary campaign, Aliv’s door-to-door sales team has geared up to establish a strong presence in the Coral Harbour and Adelaide communities, bringing the fastest fibre network, ALIVFibr, right to customers’ doorsteps. ALIVFibr is a game-changing connectivity solution that offers unprecedented internet speed, reliability, and future-proof capabilities, ensuring lightning-fast uploads and downloads, seamless streaming, and gaming experiences.

As the “Don’t Let Go” campaign gains momentum, Aliv invites customers to embrace the extraordinary advantages of staying connected with them. With cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and a commitment to unmatched customer satisfaction, Aliv is poised to revolutionize the way customers experience connectivity. It’s time to unleash the power of Aliv and unlock a world of infinite connections, endless possibilities, and exciting experiences.


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