So the oldest telephone company in the country BTC told its customers on Abaco, West End Grand Bahama, and residents in the Midshipman Road areas that their services are being impacted by the passage of Tropical Storm Nicole. WHAT IS THIS?

In a time when people are most suffering from a hurricane, BTC went to the stage of blaming the power company for its failure. What happened to BTC having its own independent standby generator service knowing many people will need to make emergency calls at the time of the passage?

Meanwhile, the operators at ALIV are up and on. Aliv service is connecting and on. The same was during Dorian ya know. When BTC service was down the only lifeline to call for help was Aliv. 

How is it that a company with a history in the telephone business is down and the newest company ALIV is on? WHAT ARE WE MISSING HERE?!

This is a good time to call on URCA to investigate!


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