Member of Parliament for Central and South Abaco and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, the Hon. John Pinder recently commented on the increased tourism numbers for 2024 on the island of Abaco.

Abaco has seen a 13% rise in tourist arrivals in 2024 compared to the previous year. Pinder said, “we don’t do much cruise in Abaco but in terms of stop over visitors, we’re number two in the country. We have the second busiest airport in the country and we’re doing quite well. The first two months of this year we’re up 13% from last year so I’m expecting that 2024 will eclipse the numbers of 2019.”

The Parliamentary Secretary opined that word of mouth has been important to the rise is visitors. “Our friends from abroad is what I like to call them and they’re coming in in droves and they’re telling their friends and their friends are telling their friends. They’re coming by boat, by plane, they’re staying at all of our various establishments. What you would find is Abaco’s ability to cater to all budgets is enabling us to open arms and bring our friends from abroad here to show them what Abaco really has to offer.”

Pinder said the number of super yachts anchored in the seas of Abaco shows that this island is hot for yachting. “Yachts are one of those special things. You don’t expect them to bring a great revenue into the islands but they truly do.”

According to Pinder establishments on the island are already booked for the summer season.


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