NASSAU| So Belinda Wilson (Minnis UNION AGENT) and the Secretary of the AAAWU Susan Palmer is seeking to have the elections overturned with the airport workers.

Now watch this: Palmer was delivered the biggest (CUT-yinner-know-what we want say…) and sent home with her team in the last elections. She didn’t fight for the workers and definitely didn’t care for the workers during the lockdown and house arrest season under Minnis. 

So Palmer dem have gone to seek the help of a judge in the country to have the election of the people overturned and block Labour Director Robert Farqhuarson from certifying the elections with the new team. Some people are just desperate and hate democracy.

The idea is to here is to dismiss the will of the people sit in the controls of the UNION and stifle and create havoc against the staff. Palmer dem don’t give two rats about the workers and will stop at nothing to block progress with airport workers. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED!

As BP watches these developments and laughs on the tarmac at the GONE (FIRED) MINNIS CREW at the AAAWU


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