The Minister of Works and Family Island Affairs appeared at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday where he announced government’s plans to execute a $98,210,000 road improvement project in the capital.

The Hon. Clay Sweeting gave details of the project, “the cost breakdown of the New Providence Road Improvement Project, which will be mainly facilitated by the government’s Bahamix, would be $91,207,700.68. Just to give you an idea, our yearly budget for New Providence roadwork including patching, I think is around $11 million.”

The project includes road resurfacing, sidewalk construction and drainage.  Senior Engineer responsible for Roadworks, Francis Clarke addressed the issue of traffic disruption during the roadworks. He said, “we don’t expect the disruption to be as intrusive as what it was a few years back. And so there will be contractors, private contractors along with the Ministry of Works in house paving arm, that will put in traffic management in place to minimize any type of disruption.”


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