Statement from the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party On The FNM's Statement Tonight About The Vote of No Confidence

Every time Hubert Minnis and his dull handyman Carl Culmer open their mouths, we all know why the whole FNM band must go. Tonight's statement by the FNM is yet another example. They are like an old stuck record, trying to insult Fred Mitchell and Brave Davis. Wasting time. They only embarrass themselves. Let's stick to the facts. The facts are these: The country has no confidence in Hubert Minnis. He is a gross prevaricator. The only one who doesn't know it is Carl Culmer and the Prime Minister. We feel sorry for them. Lost in space and believing their own propaganda. Hubert Minnis lied to Parliament. He gave a sweet heart deal to his master Brent Symonette and lied about it to parliament. Nothing else counts or matters. If you lie to Parliament you must resign. End of the story. Their statement is the usual rubbish. Shame on them.