"Save The Bays": An Entity with No Locus Standi Manipulated and Manufactured Evidence Against PETER J. NYGARD - Part #2.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dear Editor: Through this letter I again express my unequivocal condemnation of Frederick R. M.Smith, QC and his fake environmental lobby group "Save The Bays" with regards to the destabilizing role they have played in sabotaging Mr. Peter J. Nygard, a bona fide Investor in The Bahamas, my country of birth. . QC Smith has challenged the authority of the Courts by dictating the verdicts and punishments to be attached to Mr. Peter J. Nygard by the various presiding Justices. See frontpage of the Tribune 242 dated November 14 , 2019 for his most recent outrage. Further, Frederick R.M. Smith, Q C. has inserted his personal Criminal matter into the ongoing Civil trial of "SAVE THE BAYS v. PETER J. NYGARD. However, Smith's allegations of Theft had never been proven at trial neither has he proven that his alleged stolen data is the only source of that information. Nor has there been any verification of an investigation conducted by the Cyber Branch of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, leading to formal charges and any conviction. Additionally, Frederick R. M. Smith, QC is claiming utilization of his missing information in an offshore Jurisdiction where The Bahamas Judiciary has no footing for redress. Consequently, this action should be condemned and dismissed. From the onset in 20130, QC Smith had pitted the Judiciary and the Parliament against each other by bringing the Ministry of Works to court, while challenging its mandated authority to grant permissions in The Bahamas. . Therefore, the publication of this ongoing legal matter in the Monday, December 2, 2019 issue of The Punch where Frederick RM Smith, Q C questions the Medical Expertise of Mr. Nygard's Stem Cell Physicians who stated medical reasoning and objection to Mr. Nygard's travelling, is yet another violation of the tenets of Due Process. This callous attempt to risk Mr. Nygards life violates entrenched Human Rights Conventions and should not be allowed in this Constitutionally sovereign democracy known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas!!! Sincerely, The Real Bahamian December 03, 2019