Registrar General's Department - Public Notice

The Registrar General’s Department will resume normal business hours from 9:30am to 4:00pm on Monday, 29th June, 2020.In order to ensure the safety of the general public and our staff, please note the following changes to the provision of our services:

1. Birth Registration - by appointment only

To request an appointment to register the birth of a child, please call 397-8971 or 397-9149.
2. Certificates (Birth, Death and Marriage) - by appointment only
To apply for a Certificate, please send an email to CERTIFIEDCOPIES@BAHAMAS.GOV.BSto make an appointment.
3. Companies
All company filings and requests should be placed in the drop box located on the 1st Floor of the Department or alternatively requests for the following can be submitted via email:

i.    Requests for a Certificate of Good Standing for an IBC should be submitted to IBCGOODSTANDINGS@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS.
ii.    Requests to register Segregated Accounts Companies should be submitted to SEGREGATEDACCOUNTS@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS.
iii.   Requests to register Executive Entities should be submitted to EXECUTIVEENTITIES@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS.
iv.  Requests to register Foundations should be submitted to FOUNDATIONS@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS.
v.    Requests to register Icons should be submitted to ICONS@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS.
vi.    Requests to continue a company under the IBC Act should be submitted to IBCCONTINUATIONS@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS.
vii.    Requests to commence an IBC Dissolution should be submitted to IBCDISSOLUTIONS@BAHAMAS.GOV.BS