Prime Minister Minnis -- Presentation to Parliament on Compendium of PFM related Bills

Public Finance Management Bill, 2021
Public Debt Management Bill, 2021
Public Procurement Bill, 2020 Statistics Bill, 2021
Parliamentary Communication (SECOND READING) 
By  The Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis 
Prime Minister and  Minister of Finance  March 15, 2021
Mr. Speaker,
With your leave, I rise to move that the Public Finance Management Bill, 2021 (to be referred to as the PFM Bill), the Public Debt Management Bill, 2021, (or the PDM Bill), the Public Procurement Bill, 2020 and the Statistics Bill, 2021 be read a second time.

Today is a turning point—a defining moment—for public financial management in The Bahamas.

From the outset, my administration has been intentional about our commitment to good governance.

In many ways, we have sought to do this by implementing comprehensive and sound legal frameworks that deliver enhanced accountability and transparency in the management of the public resources entrusted to the government by the Bahamian people.
 In the spirit of the landmark Fiscal Responsibility legislation enacted in 2018, the PFM Bill, the PDM Bill and the Public Procurement Bills are poised to usher in far-reaching reforms to how we manage our public finances ...TO CONTINUE SEE ATTCAHED


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