PM Minnis deceived the Bahamian people

Last evening the nation's partisan Prime Minister deceived the Bahamian people and further demonstrated that he is out of touch with the needs and the concerns of Bahamians. At an FNM rally disguised as a Town Hall Meeting, the Prime Minister as usual showed no care or compassion for the plight of the tens of thousands of Bahamians who are suffering as a result of his poor policies. Although the advertised Town Hall Meeting flyer bore the national Coat of Arms, he addressed FNMs rather than Bahamians at a public space paid for by Bahamian taxpayers.

The Bahamian people were disappointed that he did not ring the bell and call an election so that we can be free of our miserable existence under an uncaring, heartless and 'out to lunch' FNM-led Government.

The people will never forget that it was PM Minnis who increased VAT by 60%, increased their light bill by 15%, charged 25 cents for plastic bags, gave several million-dollar contracts to his FNM friends, family and lovers and increased travel and food allowance for his FNM colleagues while the people suffer!

This is the same Prime Minister who failed to bring immediate relief to the people of Abaco & Grand Bahama in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and to this day it is on his watch that restoration on Abaco, Grand Bahama & Ragged Island is slow to the detriment of hurting Bahamians.

One thing the disguised FNM rally demonstrated - the heart and the will of the Bahamian people have left this divisive Prime Minister who has been campaigning since May 10 2017 and has failed to govern.

  •     FNM Rally disguised as Town Hall Meeting
  •     PM Minnis ‘out to lunch' and out of touch
  •     FNM Administration increased hardship on Bahamians
  •     PM has been campaigning for 3 years rather than governing
  •     FNM days in office are numbered


The days of this current administration are numbered".

Arinthia S. Komolafe

Party Leader

Democratic National Alliance