PLP task force calls for COVID-19 testing of 10% of Bahamians

Statement by Senator Dr. Michael Darville and Dr. Melissa Evans

Co-chairs of the PLP COVID-19 Taskforce

15th May 2020


It's  about time that the Government  has finally acted to  secure the requisite technology to monitor COVID19 patients in self-quarantine and isolation properly. We understand that the Hubbcat APP contains a built-in platform designed to protect the privacy of those being monitored.

It is regrettable that this decision comes very late in this crisis - some eight weeks into the curfew and lockdown.

Given the current health crisis in Bimini as regard the clusters of spread that fueled the 14-day lockdown, the PLP cautions the government to ensure that there is adequate medical support and resources and that the basic needs of the residents in Bimini are met during this period. This crisis is, no doubt a failure in the political leadership of this country.

Regarding the case of the COVID-19 positive male who travelled from Florida to Grand Bahama and later tested negative locally, the government's explanation surrounding this case is still vexing because the violation of the repatriation protocols of the Emergency Orders remains unaddressed. Those responsible must be held accountable for this debacle.

Our task force feels that this isolated case should not stop the repatriation process, but we call on the government to tighten its security measures around this repatriation program.

Finally, our team made recommendations for opening up the economies of the COVID-19 free family islands. We trust the government would move swiftly to do so without compromise to the existing medical and health protocols and safety measures.  

The government must have adequate medical support and resources on hand to handle any eventuality.