PLP Response to Desmond Bannister

Statement by Leader of the PLP
In response to Desmond Bannister
For Immediate Release
23 December 2019
I note the foolish comments attributed to Works Minister Desmond Bannister in this morning's press. Mr. Bannister is knowingly misleading the public on his assertions on contract administration during the PLP administration because the records of the ministry files clearly show that most, if not all, of the contracts were in train long before the election. Mr. Bannister is clearly seeking to deflect from the incompetence and ineffectiveness of the FNM administration. More than two years in office, they have nothing to show so it's blame the PLP time. We have heard this song many times before; it is a scorched record.
I go further - If Mr. Bannister believes his rhetoric which I seriously doubt, then he should use his authority as a Cabinet Minister and the huge FNM House majority to bring legislation to the House to shut down government contract spending and hiring in an election year.
Of course I am confident that this will never happen under an FNM government because Mr. Bannister and the FNM do not believe one single word of his political rhetoric.
It's dishonest for the FNM to criticize a practice for which they are the chief culprits but they have no shame. It is cheap and dishonest to use   the media to throw political shade; I publicly challenge Mr. Bannister to put his money where his mouth is.
Put up or shut up Mr.Bannister.