MITCHELL : On The PLP's Vote Against The Extension Of The Proclamation of Emergency

Statement from the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party

On The  PLP's Vote Against  The Extension Of The Proclamation of Emergency

For Immediate Release
27 October 2020


Today in the Senate, the PLP senators voted against the extension of the FNM's proclamation of emergency to 30 November 2020. This no vote was in line with the stated position of the party in the House of Assembly.

In the Senate there were 3 nays and 5 yeas. All PLP  senators present voted against the resolution. One PLP senator was unable to travel to Nassau because of covid restrictions.

In the House yesterday, the Leader of the PLP took the position that the Government had breached the agreement to end the House sitting before the FNM Government's  imposed curfew at 7 p.m.

At 6 p.m. the Leader made it plain that the debate should end because the law on the curfew did not exempt  Members of Parliament and  the PLP did not want to be seen to be breaking the law and neither should FNM MPs

The PLP MPs conformed  with the curfew laws. The FNM MPs ignored the law  and claimed special  privileges, voting in the absence of PLP MPs at 7:29 p.m., one half hour after the curfew became effective.

This statement is being released to answer the rubbish by FNM trolls about this matter. PLPs are encouraged to ignore the trash talk by FNM trolls. The trolls can now defend the law breaking by the FNM MPs.