MItchell On attacks on the Leader of the Opposition by the Prime Minister

For Immediate Release
16 September 2020


The PLP calls on the Prime Minister to clarify his deceitful, divisive and contradictory statement in the House this morning directed at the Leader of the Opposition who sits at home in quarantine by reason of the Covid rules. The Prime Minister has a bloody nerve.

The Prime Minister told the House that it was "unfortunate" that the Leader of the Opposition was not present in the House.

What a joke.

The COVID-19 Orders signed  by the Competent Authority, the Prime Minister, require returning residents to quarantine for a period of 14 days upon arrival. Mr. Davis is complying with that protocol and Order, despite  the fact that the Attorney General claimed in the Senate that the rules do not apply to Members of Parliament and Senators. The Leader of the Opposition therefore claims no special privileges. He sticks to the rules.

The public would be entitled  to think the Prime Minister  must have lost his right thinking mind to now  speak  out of both sides of his  mouth. He is the one when Loretta Butler Turner and  the others fired him as the Leader of the Opposition who abandoned coming  to the House of Assembly in dereliction of his duties. He is the one who flew to Grand Bahama last week and was  seen campaigning in Abaco  on the weekend in what looked like contravention of the quarantine rules.

It is this kind of duplicity surrounding these Orders that has caused so much confusion, debate and ridicule. The Prime Minister  must follow the Biblical admonition: " physician heal thyself". Until then, we don't  need to hear another word of deceit from him.