Lend a Hand Bahamas receives $100,000 donation from the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation

Nassau, Bahamas - Lend a Hand Bahamas, a Bahamian nonprofit organization, is delighted to announce a charitable contribution of $100,000 from the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation. This donation will enhance vital food security in the community of Adelaide in Nassau, Bahamas for the next 10 weeks. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt in the Bahamas. As a result, many companies have had to lay off employees and even close due to a complete decline in tourism.

The economic devastation to other parts of the country resulting from Hurricane Dorian this past fall combined with heavy impacts of COVID-19 has greatly affected the Bahamas as the unemployment rate could soon hit 30 percent with 25,000+ individuals currently laid off. The unemployment number is growing daily. Food security continues to be insufficient, and the need for support from private individuals to fight hunger is high, especially to meet short-term needs over the next few months.

The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation has committed to supporting 10 weeks of grocery deliveries to approximately 170 households in the Adelaide community through Lend a Hand Bahamas. A core group of volunteers and staff from Lend a Hand Bahamas will assist in the weekly packing and delivery of food items. Through their generous support, the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation will provide for over 850 individuals with much-needed support during the tough months ahead.

“Support for communities like Adelaide is critical during these tough times, and we thank Kate and Justin Rose for realizing the need and acting quickly to assist many struggling in the Bahamas,” said Lucas Metropulos, Founder and Board Chairman of Lend a Hand Bahamas.

Justin, a professional golfer, and his wife Kate, have lived in the Albany community just a few miles from Adelaide for six years. Justin said: “We enjoy living in the Bahamas so much, and our hearts go out to all those living here who are reeling from the serious economic effects of the pandemic and the continuing after effects of the hurricane. At times like this it is so important to stand together and support one another however we can.” Kate said: “Our Foundation’s mission is ‘feeding hungry tummies and curious minds’ and that is simply what we are trying to do here, in partnership with Lend a Hand Bahamas. What could be more important than making sure your local community has enough food?”

About Lend a Hand Bahamas

Lend a Hand Bahamas (LAHB) was founded in 2014 to address the growing need for more opportunities and activities in socio-economically disadvantaged communities of the Bahamas. The main model for community development has been created in the downtown area of Grant’s Town (Over-the-Hill) in Nassau, Bahamas where for the past two years LAHB has been working with over 200 children and teens as well as senior citizens and adults on a variety of educational and community empowerment initiatives.

Post-Hurricane Dorian LAHB supported evacuees that fled to Nassau as well as coordinated shipments of goods and monetary resources to Abaco and Grand Bahama. Now in yet another crisis, LAHB has stepped forward to tackle the growing food insecurity in Nassau. Over the past six weeks, LAHB has delivered 1,097 grocery bags full of food items to 1,469 children, adults, and seniors, primarily in the downtown area of Nassau. Learn more at www.lendahandbahamas.org.

About the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation

“Inspiring children from the inside out, through nutrition, education and experiences.”

After many years of success as a professional golfer, Justin Rose and his wife, Kate, felt they had a responsibility to use the platform of Justin’s success in golf to help others. As the parents of young children, they decided to focus their efforts on programmes that impacted elementary school-aged children.

Many of the children served through the Foundation come from generational or situational poverty situations and are the most in need. To help break the chains of poverty, it is necessary to provide the tools for the children to learn how to rise above their specific situation. The Foundation, through its various programmes, provides the tools and opportunities to start the process.

The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation partners with and provides funding for programmes that benefit the children we serve. In 2018-2019, through Blessings in a Backpack, over 60,000 hunger-free weekends were provided to elementary children in five schools in Orlando. The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation just announced the chapter launch of Blessings in a Backpack Orlando Chapter that will aim to feed every hungry child in Orlando by 2030.

In collaboration with Book Trust, the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation distributes over 50,000 books to children in five elementary schools. The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation partnered with Dr. Phillips Charities to install 49 innovative aeroponic vertical garden growing systems in our five schools. The crops provided fresh greens to all students receiving food via the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation Blessings in a Backpack programme. Lastly, the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation proudly hosts several field trips per school year including trips to Bay Hill Invitational, Kennedy Space Center, Arnold Palmer Hospital and more. Learn more at kjrosefoundation.org.

Together, we are feeding hungry tummies and curious minds.