All Our Drivers Are Professionals:

We provide service on 3 islands and entertain people from around the globe. Our sole purpose is to connect customers with great service providers. Everything and everyone of our team  are the best, from our cars to the service.  All of our drivers are trained professionals on the best safety practices are employed for the industry.

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In keeping with the Bahamas Public Service qualifications, all our drivers have a Bahamas Host certification and in recent times completed a course in best safety practices for Covid-19// They are often mature experienced individuals who can relay a lot of information about the Bahamas, it’s people and culture.


Partners (Drivers) for all ages, classes, and social backgrounds// The Bahamas has many islands and your driver may have history from one of the family islands. Don’t lose out on the conversation with your driver


Please deal with your driver as a person. Bahamian are a people with a rich and proud history. Tips are welcomed and for it, drivers will reveal secrets about the island and places to go. They may even stop to afford you a photo or two.

If you are interested in joining our team feel free to drop us a line or simply download our driver's app to register in our "driver initiative"