The General Post Office successfully passed the audit Conducted by United Postal Union

Nassau, Bahamas -  Congratulations are extended to the Post Master General,  Mrs. Jennifer Johnson for passing the United Postal Union’s Audit. Kudos are also extended to her staff and the Steering Committee who guided the process to ensure that the requisite deliverables were in place prior to the Audit and that they were in tandem with the Terms of Reference of the audit template. The Project Committee for E-Commerce and IT initiatives introduced in September, 2019 was also instrumental in meeting requisite benchmarks in that they provided further insight, advice and direction as it relates to modernizing the postal service to a 21st century organization embracing the deliverable of E-Commerce.

The Minister in his wrap up statements after the delivery of the report by the assessors on 13th December, 2019 noted that ‘the postal system is not a dying entity and in order to facilitate its continued survival has to embrace Information Technology and E-Commerce.’ He further noted that this process was required in order to facilitate a transformative agenda for the delivery of services. He went on to thank the assessors for the insight provided and salient observations to aid in the continued sustainability of 21st century services.

He further intimated that he and the Permanent Secretary would summarize the assessor’s report for presentation. It is noteworthy that the assessors also advised The Bahamas should apply for security certification after one item needed to facilitate the requirements for that review is completed.