FNM: Minnis administration continues to lead with quarantine measures & planning a reopening

The Free National Movement issued the following statement regarding the Prime Minister’s update on quarantine measures and plans to reopen the country: “Our Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, continues to show true leadership as he brings the country together to fight the coronavirus. From day one – as a medical doctor – he understood the potential severity of this deadly virus and worked to closely monitor its spread. The Prime Minister worked with other healthcare, elected and civic leaders to develop plans ranging from containment to administering financial relief. The data show the Minnis Administration’s proactive response and aggressive measures helped slow the spread of the virus and spared a worse outcome. “While reports also show the curve is beginning to flatten, Prime Minister Minnis understands we must stay vigilant. With the use of a privacy-protected app, the Government will soon have the capabilities to better ensure safety and enforce quarantine measures so deliberate reopening can occur. “Prime Minister Minnis announced the Government has a detailed plan to open up the country in phases – ensuring specific guidelines and protocols are taken into account as well as real-time data. And while we are all hopeful this process can begin as soon as possible, Bahamians everywhere understand that these safety measures are to protect us and our communities. Anyone refusing to follow quarantine measures and physical distancing policies will only endanger everyone and prolong the lockdown. “In addition to planning a phased reopening, our Government is working to provide rental assistance to those who have been out of work, and it is designing a long-term solution to assist in providing food to those in need. “This leadership is in stark contrast to the politics-as-usual posture we have seen in recent weeks from the woeful PLP led by their self-anointed “mastermind”, Brave Davis. While the rest of the country has come together to fight the coronavirus, Davis has revved up his attack machine, throwing out contradictory and baseless attacks on a daily basis. Davis’ party even sunk as low as to attack the Prime Minister’s wife. People were tired of Brave’s brand of politics before. They have only grown more tired of his tone-deaf behaviour during this crisis. “Instead, Bahamians are looking to Prime Minister Minnis, whose vision, plans and actions offer an example of real leadership. He has focused on uniting Bahamians, rather than dividing, during these trying times. And while the PLP continues their sideshow, the FNM will continue working for all Bahamians, as they deserve nothing less from our elected leaders.”