Dr. Judson Frazier Eneas Dies

Dr. JUDSON Eneas is now the first medical professional to die from the Coronavirus. He was 72. He becomes the 5th victim to die of the virus in the country.

President of Doctors Hospital Dr. Charles Diggis wrote this in tribute on his passing::

“There is no easy way to accept the loss of a colleague. We are still at the beginning of a ‘fight’ which looms to take us through turbulent times over the next months….and it will continue to have casualties – this will change us all forever.

“Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to Dr Eneas’ family. He was with our dream and vision from inception….this is a GREAT loss. Be safe and be careful…..cherish and protect those you love……additional words seem so useless right now….”

Dr. Eneas must be heralded for founding the Gentleman’s Club, which provided scholarship opportunities for hundreds across the country.

Some 28 persons having tested positive for COVID19. Some five professional doctors have contracted the virus and an additional 50 plus medical staff are in quarantine following contact tracing.

Also noting the passing of the respectd physian, the Ministry of Health released the following statement:

"Ministry of Health wishes to join with people across the archipelago of The Bahamas in extending heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Judson Frazier Eneas.  To his wife Marcheta and their three children, our prayers, thoughts and comfort are with you during and after this difficult time of mourning.

As a veteran healthcare specialist, Dr. Judson Eneas was one of the many frontline personnel engaged in trying to treat and protect the citizens of this nation.  After testing positive with the coronavirus, COVID-19, on 1st April, 2020, and battling the illness in hospital, regrettably this morning, Sunday 5th April, Dr. Judson Eneas passed away.  His passing marks the 5th death in the country related to COVID-19.

Dr. Judson Frazier Eneas was a seasoned doctor and renowned nephrologist.  He studied and worked diligently to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Medical Degree. Training internationally in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, in 1986 Dr. Eneas returned home and established the Dialysis Services at Doctors Hospital.  He is also the founder and Medical Director of RenalMed Associates Medical Center.  Dr. Eneas was a caring, dedicated and compassionate person and member of the medical community.

Dr. Judson Eneas was also a pioneer in society.  Along with many other accomplishments, in 1992 he founded The Gentlemen’s Club, a preparatory organization established to promote the growth and advancement of young men.   This organization has assisted hundreds of young men with scholarships, training and personal enrichment.  Dr. Judson Eneas was also a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

Dr. Judson Eneas was a God-fearing man.  His love for God and Christ molded the compassion and kindness he showed to his patients and their families.  His legacy will be remembered for generations as his unforgettable work and character are woven into the fabric of this nation.

May his soul rest in peace."