DNA on Grand Lucayan Terminations

Bahamians woke up to disturbing news coming out of Grand Bahama. We have been advised of terminations at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

This comes after the government has spent over $100 million dollars of the taxpayers' funds to purchase and operate this resort. We hope this is not true. Grand Bahama has been neglected by successive administrations and Grand Bahamians have suffered for years.

The DNA advised the government against purchasing this property and to use the funds to revitalize the Grand Bahamian economy while putting people to work but they didn’t listen. Several workers left the resort after the purchase and the Bahamian people were left holding the bag once again. The government simply had no plan.

In the midst of major economic crisis brought on by Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19, it is unbelievable that the government has decided to terminate individuals rather than try to create jobs. How are the terminated individuals expected to survive, make ends meet and take care of their responsibilities? People don’t need handouts and don’t want the government to give them food, they need opportunities to earn an honest living. The situation in Grand Bahama is dire and our people need urgent relief.

We stand with the people of Grand Bahama against this clueless and uncaring administration. The government must explain this latest decision to the Bahamian people.


Arinthia S. Komolafe


Democratic National Alliance