DCP Paul Rolle shall be appointed Commissioner of Police by the end of March

NASSAU - A major shakeup is coming to the Royal Bahamas Police Force next month as a major handover ceremony is being organized for the new Commissioner of Police, Paul Rolle.

This Coming out of a recent meeting with the Prime Minister today. This confirmed the new Commissioner of Police and the Executive Team set to surround DCP Rolle.

Reports reaching our newsroom reveal that on the top of the list to come into Rolle’s inner circle is current Commandant and Superintendent at the Police College: Chaswell Hanna. Hanna is Marvin Dames’ pick to succeed Rolle. Hanna could parachute into the post as Deputy Commissioner Of Police leapfrogging the entire team in succession. This ga be interesting.

We can also confirm the Rolle’s new Team will be supported by Chief Superintendent Ismella David-Delancy who, you should note, has more than two years vacation time but was never relieved of her duties as some of the others members of the top brass like Ken Strachan or Clayton Fernander.