Davis meet with young investors in the community

Leader of the Opposition
Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, Q.C. M.P.
The Progressive Liberal Party

Brave Davis Meets with the Bahamian Entrepreneurs of Tin Ferl

The Government Is Not Doing Enough to Contain COVID,
Leaving the Business Community to Face Continued Uncertainty


12 November 2020

Earlier today I visited and spoke with the entrepreneurs at Tin Ferl. They’ve built a wonderful community and they deserve our admiration and support.

I want to encourage those who are able to support them – come by, give them a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

What these and other small business owners need in order to thrive is certainty. It is very hard to plan or invest or hold on to staff if you have the threat of lockdowns hanging over you.

The lockdowns and curfews were not inevitable. They were the product of a failed COVID policy, necessary only because the government did not have enough testing in place to keep up with COVID spread.

The “Competent” Authority keeps pointing to other countries with restrictive measures. He likes to hide behind other countries struggling with COVID. There’s no doubt COVID is a tough problem. But why not look instead to the success stories, including those in our own region?

The Bahamas is not conducting enough testing to keep up with community spread.

I urge the government to surge resources now and increase testing for Bahamians.  A strong COVID plan now would end the threat of lockdowns and curfews.

The Prime Minister keeps warning Bahamians to get used to loosening and tightening restrictions – but he should spend time talking to entrepreneurs and small business owners, all of whom are suffering from the uncertainty created by his weak, zig-zagging COVID policy.

The PLP has a 10-point Action Plan for COVID that features free testing, because we want to lower barriers to testing, and we want to move aggressively to contain the virus.

The Bahamas needs a comprehensive plan in order to contain and defeat COVID, to keep Bahamians healthy, to attract the most visitors, and to give Bahamian-owned businesses the certainty they need to survive.

Going in and out of lockdowns -- this is not the same thing as a plan.

I’m going to continue to visit small Bahamian-owned businesses, listen to how COVID restrictions are impacting them, and advocate for relief. I hope, also, that I can encourage those who are in a position to offer support to do so.