Answer to Carl Bethel from Chairman of the PLP

With due respect to the attorney general  who made the statement reported today by Jasmine Brown re the issue of  the Opposition  "now" appreciating  the medical advice, the word now is misplaced. It is not just now. We have always been aware of the  medical  advice. We have our own party task force headed by a medical doctor and a ph.d in public health.

Our view and objection to the first order had to do with its imposition by the FNM Government  without explaining  properly  to the public  for the record why it was necessary  and further without consulting the Opposition, which might have resulted in some of its  provisions  being properly or differently  drafted. Our position is vindicated through the AG himself and the Prime Minister  who have amended order three times since the first order. Please set the record straight with this. I saw a letter in the Nassau Guardian  by former Justice Jeanne Thompson  suggesting  again that somehow the opposition  got it wrong the first  time. The course of events clearly shows we got it right the first time and it is the Government  that has had to change its position.