$20,000 donation from CEMEX Bahamas strengthens Rotary Disaster Relief Fund

Nassau, Bahamas –  CEMEX Bahamas presented executives of the Rotary Club of East Nassau with a $20,000 donation that will strengthen projects and help rebuild communities. The donation is earmarked for the Rotary Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund.

 “We are humbled for the opportunity to work with Rotary in rebuilding and restoring areas affected by Hurricane Dorian, and other pandemic-related efforts to help the communities,” said Rogelio Barahona Martinez, country manager of CEMEX Bahamas. “Our first priority is health and safety and we are  proud to serve the Bahamian market.”

Adrian White, Rotary Club of East Nassau President said, “ We are proud to partner with CEMEX Bahamas and appreciate their generous donation. We admire their focus on health and safety in the workplace and their ‘Protect Your Family and Others from COVID-19’ awareness campaign’.”

CEMEX Bahamas assisted in the Hurricane Dorian Recovery efforts in 2019 and they are continuing their support with this new donation that will be used towards the pandemic.  “Rotary is there until the job is done, whether that takes weeks, months or years,” said Barry Rassin, Past Rotary International President and Rotary Disaster Relief Committee member. “We certainly appreciate this additional support from CEMEX Bahamas that will enhance the work we all started.”

The Rotary Club of East Nassau (RCEN) and CEMEX are further exploring a mutual relationship to develop the club’s trade skills bank which falls under Rotary’s Economic and Community Development portfolio.  More information on RCEN can be found at www.rcen.org. CEMEX is a multicultural cement company that has been operating for over 20 years in The Bahamas with offices in New Providence and Grand Bahama.