Tuesday, 12 March 2019

ALIV launches Premier Cloud Based Push to Talk Service

Nassau, The Bahamas – Believing in innovation and technology, ALIV announced last week, the official launch of The Bahamas’ and The Caribbean’s first premier cloud-based Push to Talk Service in partnership with iScape and Push to Talk International(PTTI).

The Push to Talk service, geared towards business owners, will essentially allow any number of individuals to communicate with each other by the simple push of a button. The chosen dispatcher of the team will have the ability to not only audibly communicate with individuals who hold the device but be able to locate the devices, lock the device if stolen or lost and control who can send messages to whom. The device can be used across ALIV’s network anywhere in or out of the country if LTE service is available.


L to R Chief ALIV Partner Alan Bates iScape Investor James Cole and Chief ALIV Officer Damian Blackburn

Chief ALIV Officer(CAO) Damian Blackburn said  during a press conference that ALIV has continuously promised to bring exciting new innovative solutions to the market and this initiative no doubt serves as proof of that promise.

“We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars building two world class LTE networks and this is going to now allow business users in The Bahamas who have very specific needs who are currently using radios to use the investment that we have put in place. We also promised we would partner with Bahamian businesses in anything we do around innovation and this is just another example of us fulfilling our commitment.”

iScape Investor James Cole said they too are excited about the partnership with ALIV.

“iScape has been associated with PTTI for many years and we have invested a great deal of money to get this far. Damian and Dwayne have put together a very dynamic team here at ALIV and when teamed up with iScape they will become even more alive. Ultimately the idea is to empower businesses with this technology which will allow you, in a food store business to talk to your driver, manager or warehouse by the push of a button. If you’re an airline or courier company you’re not limited to the broadcast of a radio, you will have the ALIV network to take your transmission throughout the network.”

Push to Talk International (PTTI) CEO Tim Allerton who also spoke said the partnership with ALIV came naturally.

“PTTI is delighted to be in partnership with ALIV on this exciting innovative project. Push to Talk will bring businesses in The Bahamas the ability to do instant group communications, converge their technology such as work flow management, location services, two-way radio, auditing and tracking all wrapped together into one simple bill, platform, device and service. After realizing ALIV’s network is so advanced and geographically given the kind of weather The Bahamas deals with, it just made sense to bring the service to this region.”


L ro R ALIV Network Manager Michael Angelo Cartwright and Chief ALIV Solutions Architect Dwayne Davis

PTTI is a pioneer in 3GPP compliant push to talk services for mission critical push to talk. PTTI has been developing this technology for over 10 years and has successful implementations across the UK and many countries in Europe.

Chief ALIV Partner Alan Bates said this is the latest edition in two-way radio.

“Any business with a mobile workforce who require instant communication or for example are in the hospitality, security, logistics industry to name a few. Combined with ALIV’s high-speed nationwide data network, pilots are underway, and feedback is incredibly positive to date.”

The service is now live and available by contacting Senior ALIV Solutions Partner Delmaro Duncombe at delmaro.duncombe@bealiv.com

Chief ALIV Officer Damian Blackburn and Push To Talk CEO Tim Allerton

Chief ALIV Officer Damian Blackburn and ALIV Network Manager Michael Angelo Cartwright
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