Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Fishermen find suspected wreckage of that plane crash off Andros

Andros - Fishermen have discovered that crashed plane in waters just near the community of North Andros Friday. Six people perished in a tragic plane crash on January 17 where only 5% of the aircraft was recovered.

Ricardo Campbell, Desiree Russell, Destinique Wilson, Darren Clarke, Margaret Adderley, and Valentino Russell all perished following that tragedy.
During a memorial service Prime Minister Hon. Hubert Minnis told the mourners that “not only Andros is grieving but the entire Bahamas”. He pledged the government’s full support for the families.

But the question now is whether recovery officials were really looking for the aircraft?
The fishermen found major parts of the aircraft Friday, in shallow waters just as it was suggested following the plane crash. How come no one saw this? What is this?
It was also discovered that the pilot was not qualified to fly a commercial aircraft.
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