Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Training begins for New Defence Force Recruits

Coral Harbour Base (RBDF): One-hundred twenty (120) new recruits underwent a less than gentle awakening yesterday as they began their transition from civilian to military life in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

As members of New Entry 55/24, these recruits are on their way to making history as part of a newly modernized recruit training program offered by the Defence Force's Training Department. The three-part program consists of a militarization, marinization, and a naval-infantry phase all designed to develop leadership, character and professional military skills within the lives of successful recruits. 

Best wishes to them during their 17-week program. #operationtransformation


A bus load of recruits taking in their last moments before entering Coral Harbour Base oblivious of what lies ahead.

New Entry 55/24 is pictured heading into Coral Harbour Base for the first time as Recruits.

Petty Officer Shamica Duncombe is pictured giving instructions to the selected recruits of New Entry 55/24 as their family, friends and loved ones look on.
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