Sunday, 16 December 2018

Road Safety message from The Minister of Transport and Local Government

Road Safety Message from the Minister Transport and Local Government, the Hon. Frankie Campbell:

As we prepare to celebrate this very special season, let’s take time to reflect on the importance of the celebration. It’s a time of joy and peace…a time of thanksgiving, but more importantly a time for family.

During 2017, we are continuing to have too many deaths on our streets and persons injured due to unnecessary traffic accidents.  Between December 1st and 3rd the country experienced 6 road facilities; one in Grand Bahama, two in Abaco and three in New Providence.  We must continue to work hard in 2018 to ensure that instances of death and injury are greatly reduced, by ensuring that we as drivers and pedestrians engage in responsible, life-saving behavior.

As we all know, many unlawful and dangerous habits impede our vision and ability to respond properly while driving, resulting in fatal or very serious vehicle accidents. We all know of some friend, relative, or an acquaintance who have become a victim of an unnecessary tragedy. We at the Ministry of Transport and Local Government have too often been forced to comfort the families of the victims whose lives have been cut short, or who suffer life altering disabilities. 

As we approach this festive season, many of us will be inclined to rush about buying gifts, and may not engage in proper driving or walking habits. Many of us will also participate in some form of celebration involving alcohol, and I appeal to all such persons to consume responsibly, and to always ensure that when driving, that there is a designated driver for each event, that is someone who has not consumed any alcohol. It is also important to observe the following key road safety tips in order to fully enjoy this festive season safely:

  •     Keep your eyes on the road…When you are driving, you should be doing just that and nothing else, no eating or drinking or engaging in other distracting behavior.
  •     Buckle up and use Child Restraint Seats as required by Law.
  •     Obey the rules of the road, especially the speed limits and traffic lights.
  •     Never use your cell phone while driving.
  •     Drive defensively and ignore aggressive drivers.
  •     Pedestrians should always use sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, be alert, and wear bright clothing at night.
  •     Cyclists should take streets that are not busy and wear appropriate gear to be easily recognized during the night.
  •     Motorcyclists should always wear helmets and should not engage in inappropriate behaviors such as prancing bikes and swaying in and out of traffic.
  •     Public Service drivers, especially Jitney drivers, must use only designated bus stops, keep left at all times and should not engage in racing to gain advantage over another driver, for the sake of getting to the passenger first.

In addition, when you observe someone breaking the rules of the road, report such persons to the Police or to the Road Traffic Department. It is important that we all do our part to contribute to a safe driving environment.

On behalf of the staff of the Ministry of Transport and Local Government and particularly the Road Traffic Department, I wish you all a blessed and safe Holiday Season, and I encourage all to drive to arrive alive in 2018, and throughout the New Year.

The Hon. Frankie Campbell

Minister of Transport and Local Government

Nassau, The Bahamas

December 14, 2017

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