Monday, 10 September 2018

ALIV sponsors 2018 Remilda Rose Spring/Summer Collection Event

ALIV is the main sponsor for the 2018 Spring/Summer Remilda Rose Collection which will be unveiled on Sunday, October 15th at SuperClubs Breezes.

In a press conference held today (October 11), ALIV Events, Sponsorship and Community Manager, Bianca Bethel-Sawyer noted that ALIV was proud to sponsor the event as proceeds will benefit the Cancer Society of The Bahamas.

Remilda Rose Owner/Founder Gillian Curry-Williams has had her own family affected by cancer as her father passed from cancer only a year ago.

Mrs. Curry-Williams decided at that time, as a designer, she wanted to do something to raise public awareness as well as making a monetary donation, hence the birth of the Remilda Rose Collection Fashion Show event. Seven people – five women and two men - will be honoured during the show, all of whom are cancer survivors.

The show on Sunday will begin at 6pm sharp and the public is invited to attend. Tickets can be purchased at Commonwealth Fabrics or directly from Mrs. Curry-Williams.


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