Friday, 19 October 2018

Tennis Bahamas Elite Training Program

Mark Knowles was authorized by Mr. Christopher Anand of Albany to create a Bahamian Elite junior tennis program to be an adjunct to the Albany Tennis Academy.

The Albany Tennis Academy for fulltime students opened in September 2017and is powered by Lleyton Hewitt with Grant Doyle as Director of Tennis. Albany has already accepted two former recipients of the Mark Knowles Invitational Tennis Scholarships, Jacobi Bain and Sydney Clarke, as fulltime students of the Albany Tennis Academy.

The after school programfor talented BAHAMIAN juniors will be a program in association with the Albany Academy and their Director of Tennis. It will operate under Mark’s direction and guidance within the parameters of the Albany Tennis Academy and endorsed by the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association. The Program will commence on Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017.

  •  The selected players will attend after school sessions at the Albany Tennis Academy and perhaps eventually graduate to fulltime students. This will alleviate the need for juniors to attend expensive foreign tennis academies.
  •  To identify the appropriate tennis talent within the Bahamas and offering them the opportunity to achieve their goals, even attaining the international successes of a Mark Knowles or Roger Smith.
  •  The Program will offer High Performance training at world-class facilities to develop local talent scouted by Mark Knowles’ Tennis Bahamas and the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s youth programs. Juniors will also be exposed to foreign tournaments and training sessions as organized by Mark.
  •  The initial squad will consist of between 4-8 juniors between the ages of 11-15 years of age. They will continue their education at their local schools with time off to travel to international tournaments. Mark will liaise with their individual schools to ensure that their academics continue to be of particular importance.

Quote from Mark:

“It is in my great interest to start a formal tennis program at Albany that will benefit the entire Bahamas and especially identify and develop our local talent. I do not want any child to miss out on the opportunity to dream big and achieve lofty goals on the international stage.

Now is the time to use my abilities along with the facilities at Albany to create the Bahamas’ next World Champions!”

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