Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Bahamas Press continues with its malicious lies and attack with its fake news against Aliv and its executives

Aliv Chief Aluv Officer Damian Blackburn states that Aliv is the countrys second mobile provider who with a staff of over 100 professional  Bahamians appear to quickly be making a positive mark as an alternative in providing the Bahamian public  its best cell phone service and todate is receiving rave reviews as such a refreshing alternative of choice.

The CAO says the Aliv executive management agrees that the mobile market is big enough to share with its competitor.

From day one Aliv has been working faithfully and vigorosly with all official authorities including URCA in meeting all of the standatds and requirements in becoming the nations second mobile provider.

There is no doubt with the aporoval of the authorities and a most committed  team of professionals Aliv and its management team has met the approval and standards with a product and service that is fast capturing the hearts and minds of its customers.

With such commitment and hard work in developing such a good product for the Bahamian people Mr. Blackburn says there appears to be a gossipy news page called the Bahamas Press that aimsly write to distort and sowing unkind and harmful seed in what is described today as fake news.

Well there are many people in this country who have had enough of such a faceless pennman of the Bahamas Press who continues to aimlessly and unjustly write whatever they want or feel free to do hurting good honest and hard working people and like a hired gun sullying ones name and business.

This being said, the Chief Aliv Officer Damian Blackburn is one of those many  professional hard working people who seeks to make the Bahamas a better place with Aliv as the country's second  mobile cell service powered by a group of Bahamian professionals.

Mr. Blackburn says he is also one of many who despises the likes of Bahamas Press and joins them all in seeking to bring respect and order to such despicable entertity in rag time yellow journalism, especially how they are spreading lots of  fake and hateful news about the island and people of Bimini as a Damian and his Aliv executives seek to bring much needed help and relief to Bimini and Ragged Island and all of those islands in the South Eastern Bahamas that were greatly affected by hurricane Irma.

Mr. Blackburn further states that Aliv motivation is for real and it will not and cannot hinder their commitment to the Bahamian People

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